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Odor Control by AiroPure™

Odor Destructive Reagent (ODR) Description

AiroPure™ is a brand new innovative product (patent pending) which as a result of continuous improvement and a dedicated Research and Development team has evolved from the original AiroNaut™ product range.

Unlike alternative odor control additives AiroPure™'s sophisticated science means it combines physically with the odor molecules and destroys them completely.

To experience the performance of AiroPure™, fill a garden sprayer or a backpack and apply directly onto the waste material or odor. Try different concentrations up to 50-1 when applying directly. Within 30 seconds the odor should completely disappear. If an odor can still be detected, re-apply making sure all the area is covered.

AiroPure™ is an odorless product because any fragrance added to the product would
be destroyed by the highly effective Odor Destructive Reagents within the formula.

Main uses

For the elimination of odor and suppression of dust. AiroPure™ technology has been designed to eliminate offensive odors including hydrogen sulphide, ammonia, organic sulphur and nitrogen compounds.

Main advantages

- 100% Biodegradable
- Includes Vitamin C
- Environmentally friendly 
- Recognized as safe in the food industry
- Non carcinogenic 
- Non-acidic or caustic
- Non hazardous, non irritant and safe under CHIP/COSHH/REACH


Various applications available some of which include:
- Head space spraying at a concentration as low as 500:1 with water
- Direct spray onto waste material at a concentration as low as 50-1
- Direct injection into liquids at a concentration of as low as 1000:1 with water