A2Z Chemicals LTD

Biogenerics Gmbh

We have been actively involved in the health care industry for the last 25 years. Our activities include the worldwide distribution of pharmaceutical and natural raw materials, the production and marketing of generic medicines, and the research, development and production of natural extracts in various dosage forms and delivery systems.

Based on our long experience, we develop and produce innovative products for most chronic and degenerative diseases by combining the benefits of both conventional Western and complementary medicines.

Headquartered today in Germany, we operate worldwide and collaborate with many renowned partners in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmetic and food industry.

Licensing and Supply of Finished Dosage Forms for the Following Industries:





Functional Food and Beverage


The products are available in various dosages and innovative delivery systems using cutting-edge technologies.

Natural Standardized and Full Spectrum Extracts

Based on latest science for most of today’s chronic and degenerative diseases


High-tech extraction technologies according to the specific requirements of the various applications